Welcome to my site. I’m a composer, arranger, singer, instrumentalist and music producer. I mix and master music and create web pages. I have several own music projectsFyra, Objet de Plaisir and Anthony McBazooka. And I provide my services to you.  I have some goals in my life and you can come along with me. I’m sure this will make it easier to reach the goals – also your goals – and a lot more amusing.

Of course I also have a news section in which I will keep you up-to-date about new releases of my projects and other stuff. Sometimes instead of news I may also write an article about a topic that preoccupies me at the moment.

Alright, that’s enough to begin with, just have a look around!

I’ve intentionally designed this web pages to be a bit personal. To me this is important for I make artistic offers. Of course you’d be heading out for a serious looking offer if you’d search for a solid financial service. But as an artist who is giving his piece of creative work – or as someone who wants a completely new artistic work – you are not only searching for quality but also for that certain something – personality.
But this shouldn’t be confused with me spreading out my private life.