About me

myrddinI was born in 1983 and had been living in Bremen until 2011. After that I was living in Aachen for three years and eventually I moved to Tucquegnieux in Lorraine in 2014.

Besides my passion for music, I’m also interested in Japanese culture – especially Anime and Manga –, video games, walking/hiking, cooking and raising bonsai trees. If I still can get any spare time, I also love to read but number of books I’d still want to read rather increases than declines.

I don’t have a certain favorite musical genre, because for me it depends on the song, not on the style. Still I have a very strong passion for folk music from all around the world (I don’t use that eurocentristic term of world music), also I really listen a lot to 80s synthpop/italo disco, eurobeat, metal, progressive rock and fusion jazz.