[Album trailer] 熱血高校ドッジボール部 サッカー編 World Cup Eurobeat Arrange – Anthony McBazooka & friends

I’m back on the screen – with a bunch of songs and great collabs!

This album is a non-commercial dōjin activity. Our aim is to honour great composers of video game soundtracks and to unfold the potential of the songs in a creative way. Every donation to this album is used to improve the quality of our future works.

All songs composed by 澤 和雄 (Sawa Kazuo). © Technos Japan Corp.

Find out more about the artists performing on this album:
Sugano http://suganomusic.com/
Sieudiver https://sieudiver.com
Megumi https://www.youtube.com/user/MamieMegu
Milkychan https://www.youtube.com/Milkychan
Azusa https://www.youtube.com/user/Mellechantilly

One day when I was visiting my Grandmother in Fougères I woke up and I remembered that melody from Match Music 2. I thought it would perfectly fit on Eurobeat and so I started to make the arrangement for the song that would later become “This Is My Chance”.
Later when I eventually became more active in the public Eurobeat scene, I discovered the doujin albums from Sugano and A-One with Touhou music. That’s when I decided it would be a nice idea to make other game music related doujin Eurobeat albums. As I already had one song from this game, and as I have many old memories of it as it was one of my first console games I owned, I wanted this to be the first album of that series. And I also wanted to make this a collaborative album.
Over the time I met some great musicians and decided to ask some of them to collaborate on the album and the results are just fantastic. I’m very happy to be able to release it at the time of the World Cup 2018, even though only one song is football related in the lyrics.
I really hope this album will find a lot of attention because I think the experimentality and diversity display very well what is still possible in this genre without falling back to stereotypes all the time. There is still so many potential to be unfold and I hope that this album will be seen as a game changer. For my personal musical development in this genre I can already say that it is one. The level of complexity of my Eurobeat songs drastically changed after I started arranging the first songs for it.

Famous from Initial D and SEB (Super Eurobeat series by Avex), Eurobeat is a very special music style, full of energy and power. Anthony McBazooka makes cover songs, original songs and arrangements of game music in Eurobeat style. This time it’s …

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