While composing creates something new, the focus of arrangement is to give an existing composition a form. Here it is important for me to transport the right emotions and atmosphere, no matter what musical style a piece gets. This can be very challenging especially when a composition gets a new harmonisation. So it is even more important here to be very sensitive instead of just using clichés. However it is a great tool to have knowledge about clichés.

Arrangement can also be an additional work instead of a modification, for example when a rock band wants to play existing songs with a symphonic orchestra.


Just like composition arrangement is also very different in terms of complexity. So I also make personalised offers here. You can contact me directly to get in touch with me.


I began arranging when I started composing with cubase when I was 12 years old. I’ve always listened to many different musical styles so I wanted to try arranging all those styles by myself. In the year 2006 when I got the possibilities for that, I also began arranging for orchestras and I have studied the possibilities of the instruments.