I think the sentence everything starts with an idea matches very well here even though I’m not an idealist in the philosophical sense. The most important thing when I’m composing is to make a statement with the music. Whether I compose for a request or freely is not important. Both ways of composing are also equally interesting for me. When composing freely it is nice to be able to let the ideas flow and to be surprised by the result. But it is also interesting to find a musical form for an intention or purpose. What fascinates me most about music is that it’s on the one hand one of the most abstract forms of arts but at the same time one of the strongest in producing emotions. For me the music’s relationship to emotions is stronger than a picture’s or a speech’s relationship (even though strongly emotional pictures and speeches of course do exist).



I’m happy about every new challenge and I’m pleased to provide my creativity. For compositions I only make personalised offers depending on the needs of a customer. The complexity and therefore the investment of time varies a lot. You can contact me directly to get in touch with me.


I’ve composed my first song on the guitar when I was 11 years old. It was a very simple song with 3 chords but I was very proud of it at that age. When I was 12 I began to compose songs using Cubase and nothing could stop me from then on. I was always interested in many musical genres so I analysed the variety of music I listened to and tried to realise my own ideas with the results of the analysis. But not only practical experience is important, so I also learned about music theory.