Fyra is a world I created where Fantasy and Sci-Fi get together. The stories from this world are told through music. The music is as diverse as the world itself.

The World of FyraFyra is an eclectic arts project with a postmodern approach but leading to new ways in the result. There are no stylistic limits, neither in the music nor the stories. Fyra should open the consciousness* of the listener for new thoughts and judgements. Fyra will not provide any world view. Fyra is free of moral judgements. Fyra only tells stories. But it is especially that only making Fyra so much more.

Just follow me into the World of Fyra!

*I don’t speak of consciousness in some spiritual sense, but strictly as the whole of thought contents. It is about judgements, right or wrong, that we have about all things. I do not intend to manipulate that consciousness, I want to confront it so that there can be a critical exchange about thoughts. Therefore I dissociate myself clearly (!) from all forms of sectarian language.