Objective 1 – Recording Studio

Anyone who has read carefully what I offer, perhaps has noticed that recording is missing. This is because unfortunately I haven’t got the necessary rooms for that. As I would also like to offer recordings, one of my goals is to build my own recording studio.

I have very concrete ideas for this project and even a fully prepared business plan. Anyone who has ever tried it or knows someone who has tried it, knows that there is only little help for self-employment in artistic professions. At least in the usual ways. That’s why I decided to connect directly with my project to the public and to seek support.

My idea is as follows:

Around here are many beautiful old houses with large plots, many of which are empty and slowly falling into disrepair. For a recording studio this is an ideal precondition as long as the substance is still in order, since you have to renew all the isolation either way. But because of the condition the prices for these houses are very low.

I want a recording studio in the countryside with the opportunity for musicians to stay there and to be completely taken care of. I want the musicians to be able to get rid of their daily stress and completely enjoy the opportunity to fully concentrate on their music without being distracted or disturbed by any paraphernalia.
The area in Lorraine, where I currently live is very nice, as it has very beautiful landscapes. The borders with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany are not far away and there are many urban areas nearby and still you find the total peace in the countryside.

The studio will also have modern equipment and will allow the best quality from the technical side.
I planned a big recording room with control room and another smaller combined room, which can be used both for recording as well as a mastering studio, depending on what’s currently needed. All rooms will be isolated by the room-in-room-principle, so that no sound can be heard from outside and resonances are absorbed by the walls. All this is to be built by myself and friends, the experience is already there.

If you want more details, you are welcome to contact me.

Objective 2 – music projects

Of course I want to establish my own music projects. In particular, for Fyra, I need a team that I can absolutely rely on. Creating a world brings many difficult tasks. You can find out more about what you could do here.