My main instrument besides singing is guitar. I play electric and steel-string acoustic guitar. I play every technique where a plectrum is used as well as tapping. I also play bass guitar with exact timing and most common playing techniques.

For other instruments I offer MIDI programming of samples and virtual instruments. I focus on letting the instruments sound as realistic as possible with their specific sound character. I have a lot of professional tools making me able to do that.


Like with singing I offer either billing per hour or a flat-rate depending on the circumstances. So you should contact me and we can plan it together.


I began learning the guitar when I was 10. At first I only accompanied my singing. But as I began composing and arranging music, I wanted to be able to play more and learned to play melodic and rhythmic parts. In 2005 I was at a guitar clinic of the Manowar guitarist Karl Logan. When he explained how he achieved his playing technique, for which he had to do without many things, I had a kind of enlightenment. I already did without those things so I could my time much more efficiently. A phase began where I practised up to 8 hours a day and my playing improved a lot. From guitar to bass guitar is rather easy so I also learned playing the bass very early.