Laura Branigan – The Lucky One (Eurobeat cover by Anthony McBazooka)

Famous from Initial D and SEB (Super Eurobeat series by Avex), Eurobeat is a very special music style, full of energy and power. Anthony McBazooka makes cover songs, original songs and arrangements of game music in Eurobeat style. This time it’s the second Genie in a Bottle request, a Eurobeat cover of Laura Branigan – The Lucky One

This time I did a thing I wanted to do for a long time (around two years) which is to try to make a song in the space synth like style of Michiel van der Kuy’s Eurobeat songs but with a modern sound (his songs sound rather thin as most Eurobeat songs at that time). With this song I felt it could work and it did. I’m very happy with the result.

My chroma key paint on the wall definitely doesn’t do the job anymore. If you have a bit money to spare and want to help me getting better video quality, you could offer me this chroma key fabric on my wishlist: You will get a personal thank you in the first video I use it.

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