The perfect mix is an accumulation of paradoxes. It must be at the same time transparent as well as compact, powerful but with room for the individual tracks, details must be emphasised but the overall impression must be harmonious and so on. Before I start mixing a song, I listen very closely to the tracks and try to get an idea of what the song wants to tell to the listener. All things mentioned above are important to transport the right emotions and statements of a song. To achieve this, I work with love of detail to get the perfect balance of all elements.

The mix is also already important for the possibilities during the mastering process to get a maximum of loudness or dynamics. So I intend to prepare the final sound already in the mix.


You should contact me to get a personalised offer. The amount of work depends on the length of the songs and on the amount of individual tracks.


I made my first experience with a four-track tape recorder when I was 12. Before I had the possibility to make multitrack recording with VST, I recorded my vocals and guitar live together with a MIDI playback on MiniDisc. In 1999 I got my first iMac and multitrack recording was now possible. My excitement was very vast and I searched and searched for the perfect sound. In the beginning I overdid a bit with the amount of effects but I learned quickly to use the essential and reasonable. I learned that subtile editing of dynamics can bring much more awesome results than a lot of reverb and so I was able to make songs that I could play to others with pride.