[New Wave ballad] Objet de Plaisir – Solitary (lyrics video)

Again a very personal song. I wrote it in 2006. And it is still true.

A solitary sun
I sit and I watch it fading
I don’t know if it’s right
But I just sit here waiting

I wait for an adventure
To happen in my life
Where I can become a hero,
a knight

A solitary life
That’s not what I have chosen
But I can’t stand you guys
Your hearts are so deep frozen

You never try risking anything
You’re keeping yourselves small
In a boring life where security is all

A solitary moon
Is now here for ruling the dark blue sky
At midnight or at noon
Can’t help it, my life’s just passing by

A solitary boy
Gives you all he has to give
You think he’s full of joy
But that’s not how he wants to live

I always tried to give everything
Got not much in return
Isn’t there something more I earn?

A solitary hope
As I watch the stars shining
So maybe I can cope
If only this hope is not declining

With my Objet de Plaisir project I make music influenced by the 80s: Synthwave, Italo Disco, Space Synth, Hi-NRG, New Wave. But I also often add some modern elements to. I keep the mastering strictly dynamic for more authenticity and listening pleasure.

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