Objet de Plaisir

Although Objet de Plaisir is my oldest music project, in terms of official releases it is my newest. However in the year 2005 I already put some demos in the internet and they made a little impact. According to this Youtube Video, Yo te quiero was already recorded in 1984. Producing such a song being one year old is worth an entry in the Guiness Book of Records, isn’t it?


Objet de Plaisir is my libidinal project , as the name suggests (=object of desire). But don’t let yourself be fooled – I don’t agree with the common Freudian interpretation that everything is a metaphor for sexuality. It’s quite the opposite, sexuality is most of the times a metaphor for everything else. Objet de Plaisir is antiphilosophy , Objet de Plaisir is anti-psychology. Objet de Plaisir is immedicable.

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