[Original Eurobeat] Anthony McBazooka – Long and Dark Winternight (lyrics video)

This song is the antagonist to Firestation. While Firestation is about the joy one can find in the heat of hell, this is about reaching the heaven which is a rather cold place. It’s a song about losing all hope in live. I know depressive Eurobeat songs are quite rare but I like them and I think I should do more.

Famous from Initial D and SEB (Super Eurobeat series by Avex), Eurobeat is a very special music style, full of energy and power. Anthony McBazooka makes cover songs, original songs and arrangements of game music in Eurobeat style.

Music and lyrics by Myrddin Triguel

Oh! Oh! I waste my time again with thoughts of you
Uh! Uh! Although there is nothing I can do

It’s so cold
Another cigarette
Just so cold
Don’t wanna go to bed
Yes it’s cold
Not without you to keep me warm

I’m afraid
No, I can’t fall asleep
So afraid
‘Cause of a fear so deep
I’m afraid
That I could have that dream again

On a
Long and dark winternight
Kiss you kiss you goodbye
Now I’m ready to fly
To reach out for the sky
Last chance to take my hand
Or we won’t meet again
Love has come to an end
No more I’ll be the same man

Ah! Ah! I don’t want to stay here one more day
Eh! Eh! Now it’s time walk on a new way

Still it’s cold
I’m walking through a park
Just so cold
I’m walking in the dark
Yes it’s cold
No people are around this late

I’m afraid
Why won’t you come with me?
So afraid
Please guide me, I can’t see
I’m afraid
By now I have to go alone

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