[Original Eurobeat] Anthony McBazooka – Rock-Steady-Go (lyrics video)

A song about my dedication to the music.

Famous from Initial D and SEB (Super Eurobeat series by Avex), Eurobeat is a very special music style, full of energy and power. Anthony McBazooka makes cover songs, original songs and arrangements of game music in Eurobeat style.

Music and lyrics by Myrddin Triguel

Don’t want a reason
To go for a goal
All I want is the action
Call it a treason
I don’t care at all
I’m gonna drive you to distraction

Call me the biggest dreamer
I’m not hiding
Tonight’s a night of fever
So exciting

I give all for the show
Come on let’s move together
I won’t go with the flow
But everywhere for you
In the cold, in the snow
Heat it up, our dance can change the weather
And I will let you know
It’s not that hard to do

You wanna tell me
I’m going too far
Reaching behind every limit
But are you happy
Behind your bar?
This thing ain’t just a gimmick

Come share a dream with me now
Close your eyelids
I’m gonna show you now how
No more silence

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