[Original Eurobeat] Anthony McBazooka – Story is Real (lyrics video)

A love song in which the person in love isn’t sure if he’s in a dream or not and slowly realises that it is real.

Famous from Initial D and SEB (Super Eurobeat series by Avex), Eurobeat is a very special music style, full of energy and power. Anthony McBazooka makes cover songs, original songs and arrangements of game music in Eurobeat style.

Music and lyrics by Myrddin Triguel

Turn off the light
The stars are my obsession
Now I’m alright
Ready for a night of passion
Holding you tight
Now I’m in your possession

I have a dream
A dream about you

I see the time
And it’s already morning
You’re in your prime
Came to me without warning
Is it a crime
That I can’t stop the longing

We live a dream
A dream about us

Open my eyes and see you smiling
Remember that you’re my sweet darling
Give you a kiss and we are falling
Into the depth of love

So the story is real
We are falling in love
Falling deep deep down
I don’t care what’s above
So the story is real
I don’t care what’s below
Falling deep deep down
And I won’t let you go

Never believed
I’d find somebody like you
Now I retrieved
The will to live my life through
Your look so sweet
If you would only be true

Like in my dream
My dream about you

Ready depart
A neverending flight on
My shooting star
On which we’re riding upon
Now we go far
And it will make us strong

Inside a dream
A dream about us

Open your eyes and see me smiling
Remember that you’re my sweet darling
Give me a kiss and we are falling
Into the depth of love

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