My invitation to you!

There are many possibilities for you to be a part of my music projects and my studio project. I want to show you some of them here, without guarantee of completeness for I am open to other ideas. And maybe someone has also an awesome project and it can be connected somehow.

I’m going to list the individual projects and what would help them. And then I tell you what’s in it for you.
This page is also updated continuously with articles, in which the individual applications are explained in more detail. These articles will be linked here. In addition, there will also be several campaigns with special actions to win you for one or the other. But even if I give the priority to a particular thing during a campaign, you can still contact me if you are interested in another thing.



For the band I still need a drummer, another guitarist and a keyboardist. You should be able to estimate the technical level that is necessary quite well, when you listen to the songs that are online. I need musicians who are enthusiastic about the project and really want to play this kind of music. In addition, you should live close enough so that rehearsals are possible.

You have the possibility to play in a well structured musical project. There is already a lot of musical material available, the project has a clear focus, and requires no self-discovery phase anymore. Of course you also get your share of the fees when we are playing concerts or selling records.

Interested? Contact me.

Design / Image art

A world like Fyra should also be illustrated. I am looking for artists of all styles, whether digital art or by hand, whether photo manipulation, drawing or 3D art, Fyra can be visualized in many different ways. If you feel inspired by the music, just let your creativity run wild.

As a result, you have the opportunity to show your art to a wider audience and of course you also get your share of the profits when selling an item with your pictures (merch, CD booklets). In addition, you simply can be part of an awesome project.

If you are on Deviantart, it’s best you connect to Fyra there. Otherwise, you can simply contact me.


If you have ideas for great stories from the world of Fyra or the desire to invent new places and figures from the world of Fyra, you should also join.

Here, the same advantages apply for you as for visual artists.

Simply contact me.

Patrons / sponsors

A project of this dimension also needs finances of a certain dimension to make it work. Until the project can support itseld, we rely on your support here.

As a patron you get deeper insight into the future projects of Fyra and get new creations before official release as well as access to draft material that is not meant for the public.

As a sponsor you or your company will have the opportunity to be known as a supporter of the world of Fyra which means that you will be seen as a supporter of new artistic ideas.

I will add some precise offers in the near future, until then you can simply contact me.

Anthony McBazooka

Para Para dancers

I’m looking for Para Para-dancers who have a passion for Japanese culture to animate the stage a little more. It would be ideal if you were already in a dance groupe, because especially in this kind of dance synchronicity is very important.

Since I mainly intend for Anthony McBazooka to play on on Anime-Manga-Japan-Gaming conventions, you have the opportunity to attend many of them. Also you get your share of the fees.

If you are interested, please contact me.

Recording studio


The recording studio could be realized with approximately 350,000 €. For this little sum a lot of profit can be made. Further details are available in the business plan, to which I give insight if you are seriously interested. You should contact me to talk about the conditions and rewards.

Audio engineer

I need one more capable audio engineer who is able do both mixing and mastering. Anyone who is as passionate as I am and who can imagine to work on a project like that with me should definitely contact me.

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