[Spacesynth] Objet de Plaisir – Starcruiser

I like to make music in many different styles, I compose my own songs but also like to cover songs in a different way. Today’s video is a Spacesynth song from my Objet de Plaisir project called Starcruiser.

Spacesynth is an instrumental music style that has evolved from Italo Disco and Hi NRG in the 80s.

Objet de Plaisir logo by Yannick Journaux http://ift.tt/2hQfvtb
3D model and animation by Myrddin Triguel
Starship artwork by ReiSakisaka: http://ift.tt/2C8OJo2

Homepage http://ift.tt/2nwE9Fr
Facebook http://ift.tt/2k9VI9x
Twitter https://twitter.com/MyrddinTriguel
Soundcloud http://ift.tt/2BT9Vzv

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