When I was about 6 years old, it was already clear that I want to earn my living with music. Of course at that age I had a bit more naive ideas of how this could be done, but I knew for sure what I wanted to do, and nothing could change my mind.

What I had to find out first, was that this idea meant a lot of work. And much sacrifice of leisure time. But that was always okay for me because music was always giving me so much.

Without wanting to sound megalomaniac or arrogant, I believe that I have now reached a level that can stand the comparison with the best music productions.

I disassociate myself from megalomania, because it is not my intention to measure myself against anyone. For me it was always just about being able to get any idea I had to sound exactly how I imagined it. Now I arrived at the point where I can accomlish this. And that is why I am confident about what I’m doing.

My vision is to be able to share all this with you. Music is in fact not so exciting when you only make it on your own and for yourself. It really gets exciting when you are able to connect to others through the music.

That’s why I want to spread my music projects and bring them on stage. And I want to be able to offer you all that I have learned so far. You can find out about how this may look like in the goals section.

Also you can join me on this journey.