Vlog #4 – 10 Things About Me part 1 – 1-5

Note: at 1:36 I made a cutting mistake and the sentence ends too early. I meant to say “into Initial D groups”.

And here it is, my fourth VLOG episode. This time I will answer your 5 questions from the comments of the last episode. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed replying to them. I really feel that this interactive episodes are much more my thing than just to talk about anything without much of a concept. Maybe that’s too abstract for me. With this interactive stuff I always got more of the feeling that I’m actually talking to someone.
Also I decided I will be a bit less specific with my VLOG releases and release them on weekends but I can’t tell which day. I had a gig on Friday and I wasn’t able to reinstall all my stuff in my studio to be able to film the VLOG. So it’s better to be a little bit more flexible.

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