Web design


I create mainly CMS (content management system) based websites. Depending on the demands I work WordPress or Drupal. Both CMS have their clear strengths and weaknesses. WordPress is easier to configure and most of the times sufficient for presenting people, projects or companies and offers a lot of extra features. Drupal is great when you like to have complex arrangements of dynamic content without needing to code any PHP. It is also very strong for multiple user sites with the need for different user roles and a high security level (great for many B2C and B2B applications).

I do responsive web design. That means the website adapts to the device the visitor is using. This is almost a must nowadays because there are so many different devices available that all work differently. So you can’t stick anymore to that typical print design technique where everything is fixed. This gives totally new opportunities to be creative with changing design elements.


The amount of work varies a lot so you should contact me directly to get an offer.


Of all the things mentioned here, web design is the latest skill I have acquired. At first I was a bit forced to do that because I needed a web site with very special demands on dynamic content but I could not afford a programmer for that. But as I discovered Drupal in 2009, I developed a real passion for creating websites.