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This is now the channel of Myrddin Triguel, musician and music producer, and features the projects Anthony McBazooka – Eurobeat –, Objet de Plaisir – 80s pop, Italo Disco and Hi NRG, as well as Fyra – music telling stories from a fantasy and science fiction world.

I make cover songs, original songs and re-arrangements of video game music.

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Bazooka logo, Objet de Plaisir logo, Fyra logo, and Myrddin Triguel logo by Yannick Journaux http://ift.tt/2hQfvtb
All music in this video is written and played by me except Straight Up which is originally sung by Paula Abdul and covered by me.

Homepage http://ift.tt/2nwE9Fr
Facebook http://ift.tt/2yVB5Yw
Twitter https://twitter.com/AMcBazooka
Soundcloud http://ift.tt/2hQ0Azj

My album with original Eurobeat songs:
Bandcamp http://ift.tt/2yUsJ34
Loudr http://ift.tt/2hQaalX
iTunes http://ift.tt/2yUE1Vb
Amazon http://ift.tt/2hQfxBj
Google Play http://ift.tt/2yUR1Kq
Spotify http://ift.tt/2hRhEov

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